ALULUX has been manufacturing custom made roll-formed aluminium window shutter and garage door systems for over 50 years and is known world-wide for its quality and service. Only high quality aluminium and components are used with intense quality control procedures, engineered with German ingenuity to provide an easy and flexible operation for an extremely long-lasting product.
We at Falcon are channel partners of Alulux for the Indian market.

Alulux offers two product categories:

  • External Shading Solutions
  • Security and Garage Door Systems

Advantage of Alulux Products

  • Energy Saving – Our roller shutters can improve the U-values by over 45% leading to massive savings. As an example by adding our front mounted roller shutter we can improve a window with a U-value of 3 to around 1.6
  • Security – Our motorised roller shutters are equipped with rigid shaft connectors as standard which means that we get mechanical push/pull resistance of >120 kg. For high security we offer customised profiles and solutions which can take heavy impacts without
  • Privacy – With the roller shutter closed, absolutely no light enters or exits the room ensuring your privacy and comfort
  • Weather protection – The roller shutters also provide protection against inclement weather by shielding you from high winds and rain
  • Insect Protection – We can offer insect screens to ensure you enjoy the view and weather without worrying about insects entering your home
  • Sound Damping – The roller shutter can heavily dampen road and weather noises to so that whatever may be going on outside, your home will remain peaceful inside.

Alulux Garage Door Systems are elegantly designed to provide the ideal solution for every garage. Each Garage door is manufactured with German precision according client requirements to ensure the highest quality and to provide not only security but an aesthetically pleasing solution.

For better understanding of company & products please visit our website at www.alulux.com or contact us